11-02-2016 Policy Roundtable

The Policy Roundtable took place on 11-02-2016 at the Federal Planning Bureau. It had the purpose of collecting the perspectives of policy officials and administrators across different policy domains on their views, expectations and identified research gaps for the transition to a low-carbon society and (expected) social implications.

The presentations served as a basis for discussion. They can be downloaded below:

Gerlinde Verbist – Presentation of the SUSPENS Research Project

Aviel Verbruggen – Energy Transitions

Grégoire Wallenborn – The Multidimensionality of Ecological Inequalities

Dimi Jottier – Sociale en Milieudoelstellingen in de Transitie naar een Koolstofarme Samenleving

Josefine Vanhille – Huishoudconsumptie als Sociale Praktijken


Resulting notes and papers are available in the Publications section.