Partner Institutions

The Federal Planning Bureau is an independent public agency which forecasts, studies and analyses policy measures. Its main mission is to support the political decision-making process. For that purpose, it shares its expertise with the government, parliament, social partners and national and international institutions. The FPB carries out studies and projections on economic, social and environmental policy issues and on the integration of these policies within a context of sustainable development.

Website of the FPB

The Institute for Environmental Management and Land-use Planning (Institut de Gestion de l’Environnement et d’Aménagement du Territoire – IGEAT) engages in interdisciplinary research in the areas of the environment, spatial and regional planning,  and tourism, and coordinates university teaching at the Master’s and doctoral levels in environmental studies and tourism. Within IGEAT,  the Center for Studies on Sustainable Development (CEDD) conducts multidisciplinary studies on different aspects of environmental policies and strategies in the context of sustainable development. It deals with the development and evaluation of these policies and actions, and their relations with the technical, socio-economic and philosophical context of sustainable development.

Website of CEDD –  IGEAT

The Centre for Social Policy Herman Deleeck (CSB) has been studying social inequality and wealth distribution in the welfare state for over 30 years. The research is empirical and multidisciplinary in nature, and is based largely on survey data. The Centre’s research activities belong to the tradition of social policy analysis that makes use of sociological, economic and legal paradigms. Its core research themes are financial poverty and the redistributive function of social security, while also studying subdomains such as taxation, education, the family, labour, health, migration and housing.

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